The future tense is used to conjugate verbs when speaking in the future tense. This tense is similar to the conditional, use the infinitive of the verb as the stem. So take the verb and add the appropriate endings to it. The endings for Je, Tu, Il, and Ils are the conjugated form of avoir. The endings for Nous and Vous are -ons and -ez. Note: For the -re take off the -e at the end of the verb before conjugating.


Je ...ai Nous ...ons
Tu ...as Vous ...ez
Il/Elle ...a Ils/Elles ...ont


manger- to eat
Je mangerai Nous mangerons
Tu mangeras Vous mangerez
Il/Elle mangera Ils/Elles mangeront

choisir- to chose
Je choisirai Nous choisirons
Tu choisiras Vous choisirez
Il/Elle choisira Ils/Elles choisiront

pendre- to return
Je rendrai Nous rendrons
Tu rendras Vous rendrez
Il/Elle rendra Ils/Elles rendront